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Hello friends! It's time for episode 15 of The Struggling Archaeologist's Guide to Getting Dirty "SAA Time 2014!"

That's right, this is my reaction podcast to the Society for American Archaeology Conference in Austin, Texas. Pretty exciting stuff right?!


Well, it's informative and entertaining at least (I hope!). This is a shorter episode because I have stuck only to topics falling under the banner of conferences, career advice, my fabu 4 days in Austin, and summer plans. I would definitely listen if you are a young archaeologist interested in figuring out the academic world and planning for your future. If you're an expert in the ways of the conference, then this podcast may be a bit basic for you. Not that I'm not as delightful and thought provoking as always (you know you love it), but I won't feel bad if my more experienced listeners skip this one ;)

!!Spoiler alert!!


!! End spoiler alert !!

Enjoy folks, I also hope you will check back on the website more often- as I am posting more regular blog entries now (and the crowd goes wild!) Be sure to follow The Struggling Archaeologist on twitter, tumblr, and facebook


Episode 15 “SAA Time 2014!”
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