Hi friends! It’s your friendly neighborhood struggling archaeologist here…

Just wanted to inform my lovely listeners/readers that unfortunately you will have to wait one more week until a new podcast episode (I know, I know, how will you go on?)

But never fear, I will be back before long to bring you some fantastic news and goings on from around the spheroid. Why this gap in publication you ask? Well it’s been a pretty crazy last few weeks for me. My inner showgirl was let out of her shell and forced to perform showtunes in fancy costumes in front of throngs of screaming fans (i.e. I was in a musical!)…(and yes, it was really just like that). And even though the show ends tomorrow I won’t have enough time to record before I leave town for a week!

Leaving us you say (single tear), but how long? Only a week dear friends. I will be doing some field work out in the mountains where no technology survives and I will be forced to camp and eat elderberries and forsake all modern extravagances like communication with the outside world… So wish me luck (don’t worry, I have pepper spray to ward off bear attacks), and I will return soon with some awesome new posts and podcasts, so stay tuned!

Your bestie,


Podcastless for one more week!
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