The Struggling Archaeologist is being featured on The Career 100 Podcast! 

Hey you guys! Long time no… write? Well then what better time for The Struggling Archaeologist to make a comeback! I’m here to let you know that I did this thing recently and maybe you should check it out. The “thing” is an interview I was fortunate enough to be asked to do by a podcast called the “CRF Career 100” which is run by Felicia Gopaul of If you are interested in knowing more about a career in archaeology, and more specifically about my career in archaeology, then this might be a great listen for you. This podcast takes experts from many of the top careers and goes into how they became professionals in their field, as well as what students and individuals who are considering following in their footsteps should know about going into these professions. Felicia’s own daughter would like to be an archaeologist, so we talked a lot about what she should know going into school and preparing for a future as a shovelbum.

So have a listen or pass this on to anyone you know who is thinking about a career in archaeology. It was a great opportunity for me and lots of fun to be featured on another podcast, so I am happy to be able to share it with you now!

Happy Listening!

McNiven OUT

Interview on The Career 100 Podcast!

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