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Jenny here with a special announcement. I have collaborated with Jen from the Anomaly Podcast on a new series of podcasts called “Facts in Fiction.” and our first episode is out! If you are a fan of the hit book series and T.V. show Outlander then you will love this podcast. We wanted to talk about the historical and cultural background of Outlander, which takes place (for the most part) in 17th century Scotland.

On this episode we focused on the significance of standing stones and other monolithic structures in ancient history, as well as how we study them today. We also discussed a little of the plot and history of this period of Scottish history, as well as my own Scottish ancestry!

I think you’re going to love this podcast, so go check it out, here is the link! http://www.anomalypodcast.com/shownotes/anomaly-outlander-standing-stones/

It can also be downloaded in iTunes under the Anomaly Podcast, which is an amazing podcast, blog, and community made up of geeky girls (and boys). I have been friends with its founder Jen for a while because she is also a history geek and has been listening to my show for the last two years! I implore you to check them out, follow them on facebook, and subscribe to the podcast if you like fandoms and geeky things in general.

So that’s it for now, I will have another super fun podcast out for you soon but be sure to give this one a listen because it’s awesome 🙂

MacNiven OUT!


Facts in Fiction: Outlander Standing Stones on the Anomaly Podcast

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