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Welcome friends! It’s episode 13 of The Struggling Archaeologist’s Guide to Getting Dirty “Pompeii’s Hottest Gladiator!”

In this exciting episode we talk about one of the biggest natural disasters in recorded history, the destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD. The ash tomb that has encased the city for the last 2000 years has done an incredible job of preserving every detail of life in the 1st century Roman city. We’ll discuss that fateful day as well as the long history of archaeology at the site.

Also, it’s no secret I’m a monster Game of Thrones fan, and so OF COURSE we’re going to discuss the recent Pompeii movie starring Jon Snow himself- Kit Harington!

I have some bad news to report in this week’s Shorty News segment, as once again thieves have broken into the ruins of Pompeii and stolen part of a priceless fresco. Bummer. All that and more on this weeks podcast!

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Now here are some pictures of Pompeii and the hotter than balls Kit Harington!


Just getting that one out of the way now… so yeah, say hello to Pompeii’s Hottest Gladiator…

pompeii (2)

pompeii (1)









The Ruins of Pompeii Roman_fresco_Villa_dei_Misteri_Pompeii_005



Episode 13 “Pompeii’s Hottest Gladiator”
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