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Get ready to nerd out on the best episode of The Struggling Archaeologist’s Guide to Getting Dirty yet! As a huge HUGE Tolkien fan I have been dying to do an episode about the historical and cultural inspirations for the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings universe.

So not ONLY will you learn more about Middle Earth, you will also be learning about the Iron/Dark Age peoples of Northern Europe whose lives and literature helped Tolkien create (in my opinion) the greatest literary canon of all time.

Plus, if you hang on ‘till the end you get to hear me REALLY dork out and recite some Elvish for you… yes, I AM that disturbingly nerdy. I mean, I have the word tattooed on my foot so…

Enjoy kids, you can listen here, on Stitcher, my tumblr blog or iTunes 🙂

And just to make me smile…


Episode 12 “One Podcast to Rule them All!”
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