Instructional Design is a pedagogical approach to creating affective training and educational materials through the design of interactive eLearning courses. As an instructional designer it is my job to take a project from analysis through the developmental and implementation process; then evaluate its success and revision.

So, what can eLearning do for you?

  • Streamline your training & development process
  • eLearning combines pedagogy with instructional methods that enhance retention and user engagement
  • Saves money, time, and resources by delivering 24/7 access to training that doesn’t require repeated classroom-based initiatives
  • eLearning allows your training to be standardized and accessible by all employees at any point in their careers whether they are just starting or need to refresh or requalify their knowledge and skills
  • Online education is a booming industry, and more and more colleges and universities are starting to realize the immense benefit of employing instructional designers to coordinate with faculty to develop exceptional online classrooms and trainings

I see a grand future for eLearning and Instructional Design as part of all manner of educational and training-based programs. It is truly a new and limitless way to approach training and development in corporate environments, while also holding the potential for creative projects to expand learning opportunities in academic settings as well. I am beyond excited to see eLearning become part of the workplace, the classroom, individual businesses and blogs, and even the museum and research world.