Hey friends! Well I have returned from my all-too-short vaca and am getting ready to record the next episode of the podcast- which I hope to have released by next week. So hold on just a bit longer, and I promise to deliver a podcast the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

On a side note, I took ten days off from monitoring my website and by the time I got back I had about 3,000 spam comments waiting for me (joy). So I have disabled comments for the moment while I deal with (and try to ignore) the thousands of links I ended up with high end shoes and bags… If you feel the need to comment or ask a question just shoot me an email at guidetogettingdirty@gmail.com

And if you were wondering, I was back north in my home state of New York and the lovely mountains of Vermont (where I’m pretty sure I discovered a mid-19th century settlement site on a hike one day…). Here’s a picture of some of the hand-painted, sponged, annular, and plain whiteware and pearlware ceramics that I found! Don’t worry, they all went right back in situ (where I found them) after I took the picture 😉









And here’s some proof that I am literally crazy- a picture of the beautiful-ness that is Vermont- that I actually left by choice to return to my current digs in dirty New Mexic0 🙁









Yeah, it hurts, I know….

Back so soon…

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