APN SymbolHey Nerds! So I’ve got some exciting news I’d like to share with you. If you’ve ever wondered where you could find more awesome archaeology podcasts like mine then you’re in luck- because The Struggling Archaeologist has teamed up with some of the top archaeology podcasters in the biz to launch the Archaeology Podcast Network!

What is a podcast network you ask? Well, sometimes when a bunch of podcasts of a similar nature or produced by the same team want to centralize access to their content they join forces under one network. This creates the opportunity for people to find a bunch of great podcasts in one place, and allows the network to supercharge their fanbases by advertising all of the network’s shows to their listeners. It’s basically a win-win for both the shows and the audience, which is why I am so excited to be a part of it!

So what shows will be available on the Archaeology Podcast Network and where can you find them? The idea for the network was created by Chris Webster of the CRM Archaeology Podcast, and Tristan Boyle of the Anarchaeologist Podcast, so of course you will be able to listen to them both (along with their awesome guests and co-hosts). Other shows that will be featured on the network include the Archaeotech Podcast with Russell Alleen-Willems and Doug Rocks-MacQueen, Profiles in CRM and Pioneers in CRM with Chris Webster, and Excavating Sex with Sara Head and Ashley Morton. Each podcast will be available at the Archaeology Podcast Network website and depending on their host’s preferences also be available on their original platforms/blogs/iTunes/etc. So don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get the Struggling Archaeologist podcast from the same sources, but I absolutely suggest you check out the network’s website where you will also find all of our other fantastic shows!

Gee Jenny, that sure sounds nifty, when will the network be running and will it change anything about your podcast? Well, gentle listener, you can expect to take advantage of the awesomeness that will be the Archaeology Podcast Network in early December. You should be able to find all of our new shows and a backlog of our old ones on there as well! As for my podcast, don’t think for a second that being part of a fancy schmancy network will change anything about the way I do my show. It will still have all of the good times and learniness that you’re used to (yup, even the songs!), though we will be inserting an advertisement here or there to help support the network. I think the strength of the network will be the diversity of our shows, voices, approaches, and backgrounds- no one is trying to fit any mold, we’re just being ourselves and bringing each of our individual perspectives on archaeology to the public (that’s YOU!)

Any other information on the future of the network and its shows? Glad you asked! Chris, Tristan, and I recorded a podcast all about our shows, the impetus for the network, and what people can expect in the future. Give it a listen at the CRM Archaeology Podcast site to learn more about this exciting new adventure! Thanks so much for being an awesome audience, supporting me and the podcast, and inspiring me and other academic podcasters to continue to create fun and educational content. I hope to be helping you laugh and learn for some time to come, so enjoy the show and the new Archaeology Podcast Network!!!


p.s. be sure to follow the network on twitter!



Announcing the Archaeology Podcast Network!

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